Does Puli love children?

We are often asked: "Does Puli like children?" or "Is Puli fond of children?".

Every Puli owner will confirm that the Hungarian shepherd dog Puli is an excellent herding dog for families with children. The family practically becomes the herd of the Puli, which he loves to guard. Also our Züchter in the German Puli Club often have children themselves, so that the puppies are then even imprinted on children. We get in her long lasting breeding work and the constant contact with her puppy buyers extremely positive experiences with the "Dream Team" Puli and child.

A good Puli children - imprinting is important

You will get a puppy from our Züchtern, which has received the best possible imprinting in its first weeks. The rearing and keeping of the parent animals takes place in family connection. This is an important prerequisite for your puppy to integrate well into the new family pack and adapt to new living conditions. While playing with the children from the neighbourhood or with our puppy buyers and those interested in Puli, the puppies are shaped in a child- and human-oriented way. Some Züchter also go to schools or kindergartens. There the children experience the Puli from pregnancy to the puppies.

How can you tell that the Puli is fond of children

The growing Puli quickly realizes that the child is particularly vulnerable in the family pack. He will protect and guard it, play with it and forgive some rudeness.
We can only report extremely positive experiences in dealing with child and Puli. We have also received feedback that the Puli have been sheltering children. So the Puli take special care during walks to ensure that the children do not run too far ahead or stay behind. Then run to the children and ask them to stay closer to the "herd" family.

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