stud dog Duke

Puli male Duke from the "zotteligen Gefährten"

Stud dog Duke portrait

Evaluation of the breeding judge

A Puli male with a luxuriant coat (laces), masculine head with a strong nose and black pigment, broad chest, straight male line, strong muscles, correct posture and angulation, typical movement
Judge: A.Sassenberg (Schneverdingen 07/18)

Description of character according to the owner's information

Duke is very playful and loves search and retrieval games. He loves to run. He guards the house and yard and his family. He is pulitypically reserved with strangers, but with his family and friends he is a cuddly guy who is always cheerful. He is a real Puli male, with his own head and mind, from old Hungarian lines. He's training to be a rescue dog.


Mother: Krambambulis Betty Bamboo
Father: Csikasz Ali
Day of littering: 08.03.2015
Breeding book number: VDH PUK 812/15


Breeding approval for breeding by breeding judge E. Beautiful in March 2017 with conditions received.
Only partners: only bitches with PL 0 and only bitches with PL 0 in ideal size.


patella: 0
Hereditary eye diseases: MPP iris to iris (04/17)


  • none


Babette Mockingbird
14612 Falcon Lake

Impressions from Duke

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