Office description youth welfare officer

The office: Jugendwart

Type of office: Extended executive committee, no elective office
Office bearer: Stephan Klautke

National Group Leader Yvonne Klautke

Hello dear Puk members,
I'm Stephan Klautke with Peiren. Most of them were allowed to know us, but for all those who do not know us, we want to introduce ourselves. I am the 2nd chairman of the German Puli Club and support the fate of the club with full commitment. In addition, I am also an exhibition consultant and thus take care of all questions and organizational matters of exhibitions.

And of course we must not forget our family, you guessed it, that is our Puli Peiren from Discher's Hoff. He actually holds a very important office, namely the office of stud dog. If we didn't have him and his colleagues, there would be no breeders at all, who would take care of a healthy offspring and advise other members.
So we hope that we could give you all a little insight into our family and their offices in the German Puli Club.

The tasks as youth welfare officer are:

If you have any questions, then just call me or use our contact form.

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