News from the litter box of the "zotteligen Gefährten"

This year we planned our first litter with our Goji San and everything really worked out as planned.

Our Goji was born from Árpád von den Kumtschen on 27.07. on a glorious summer's day. He really is a very charming male and a gentleman through and through.

After about 30 days we saw babies in the ultrasound, we were so happy, especially my daughter Jeanne because she is "co-owner" of Goji her heart spuli. The vet said about 3 - 4 pieces could be seen. Simply glorious and according to the book they should be born on 26.09.2020. And so they did. It was a really good birth. Goji handled everything with aplomb. The birth began approx. 10.00 and at 13.15 o'clock 6 small shaggy companions lay together with proud mummy Goji in the whelping box.

It's always a beautiful moment. All healthy and lively and very good birth weights and all agile. Everything as one would wish. The time with the puppies is always very special, of course you have a lot of work, but even more friends and fun.
To be there when they explore the world, how they grow and become personalities is just indescribably great.

Now the little fellows are almost ready to make new families happy and they all can hardly wait and count the days.

And we can say at the end of our 10 weeks of puppyhood: happiness is the only thing that increases when you share it with others.
The happy faces of the people who are now richer by a Puli from us are one of the greatest gifts for us as breeders.

Here are a few impressions of our H-litter of shaggy companions:

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