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Overview of the planned dates

An important part of our club life are the various events around our Puli. Everybody is warmly invited. No matter whether you already have a Puli, are interested in one or you would like to experience the dread locks with your dog in larger numbers. We are pleased about everyone who would like to exchange information about the Puli in a relaxed atmosphere.

Dates and events in the German Puli Club
Group picture of our Puli walk in Bochum

The regional events will be planned by our National Group supervisors. We have a total of 5 national groups, so that our members can also come to hikes, training courses or simply have fun in their region quickly and easily. Therefore, it is great fun to walk through the woods with many pulis and watch them play.

The contact persons are listed in the details of the events, which also applies to the supra-regional dates such as our club shows. If you have any other questions about the Puli, you can also contact the respective contact person directly using our contact form.

We are looking forward to well attended Puli meetings with many good Puli discussions.


Overview of upcoming dates and events

The current dates and reports from our club life to browse.

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