Can I go riding my Puli?

Is the Puli suitable as a riding companion dog?

Sure! The versatility of the Pulis, his sportiness and his pleasure in common activities with his human make him also a great riding companion dog.
Since the Puli as a herding dog has hardly any hunting instinct and always keeps an eye on his pack, it is no problem to go horseback riding with a Puli or to go for a ride with friends.

The prerequisite is, of course, that both horse and dog are accustomed to each other. Ideally, the Puli gets to know horses as a puppy or young dog, but even an adult Puli can be introduced to the handling of a partner horse without any problems.

Can you ride a Puli? He's a great riding companion

One thing to keep in mind with the riding companion dog Puli

Puli Speedy in strawAs a herding dog, the Puli likes to drive his "herd" forward barking. This should be "talked out of" it from the beginning of the training on the horse, so that rides do not become a noisy affair.
For owners of Pulis in a floor-length "show-hair-dress", a visit to the stables or a ride out in less than optimal weather conditions can of course be a challenge. Mud, hay/straw or leaves inevitably get stuck in the coat. For the riding companion dog, shortening the coat on the legs would therefore be worth considering. In addition, the cord should not necessarily reach all the way to the bottom. A shearing under the belly also saves unnecessary souvenirs from the forest. Tips for the hair length or how to adjust the length to the different requirements we have of course also prepared!

Basic rules to make riding fun

Before the first joint ride, the Puli should be able to master the most important basic commands such as "Sit", "Stay" and calling up, even under distraction, and be controllable by the rider at all times, not only on the ground but also from the saddle.

The sporty aspect when you go riding with a Puli

A slowly increased riding time, as well as cycling, accustoms the Puli to the sporting challenge. Of course it is important not to overstrain the dog. Young dogs should only be loaded carefully until they are fully grown. Later, rides of ten or fifteen kilometres are no problem. Your Puli will then simply rest for a short time and is quickly ready for new deeds. Riding is a very good endurance training for dogs and keeps them fit until they are very old.

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