Can I wash the Puli and if so, how often?

Washing the PulilsTo answer this question one has to understand the special fur of the Puli. If you take a closer look at the cord of the Puli, you will not only notice that not only the dead hairs and the living hairs are turning. The fur of the still very original Puli is also covered with a wool grease, as with sheep. This protects the coat from dirt and water. Therefore you have to wash the Puli very rarely. So a short shower of rain does not really wet the Puli.

Of course you won't notice the wool fat when you stroke it. Nor does it smell. But you can make a very funny test: If the Puli goes in the water, the coat floats on the water for a while. That really looks like a carpet. Only after a while does the water penetrate into the cord and they suck themselves full of water.

The same thing happens when you try to wash the Puli. At first you don't really get the penis wet. If the Puli is really dirty because it has rolled in excrement or an animal carcass, for example, then you have to wash the cord of the Puli. This works best with shampoo. First of all you make the cord really wet. Then shampoo the hair and massage the shampoo into the dread locks. After a short soaking time you can wash everything out thoroughly. It is quite possible to repeat this process, because the smell of animal carcasses is somewhat persistent.

The only question is, how long does it take the Puli to dry?

How often should you wash the Puli

Puli coat on the waterAs described above there is not really often the need to wash the Puli. But twice a year it does not hurt. On the other hand, it does make sense to wash out the paws or the lower part of the legs more often if you want to reduce the amount of sand, because the walk through the morning dew afterwards led along a sandy path. Then the legs of Puli are like breadcrumbs.

In males, it is recommended to wash the belly if necessary, when the male dog smells something. This is not breed specific, but a male problem.

You don't have to worry about the wool grease, because it rebuilds itself over time and protects the coat from a short shower.

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Washing the Pulils

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