Do Puli and Cat get along?

Is there perhaps even friendship with a cat?

A resounding yes. Puli are sheepdogs and are happy when the herd is together. If a cat or even several cats join his herd, then that is completely okay for the shepherd dog. The best thing is to get the Puli puppy used to the new company early on. In our Club some breeders have one or even more cats themselves. This is especially practical, because these Puli puppies do not have to be accustomed to the "colleague without cord" anymore.

Joint sunbathing of Puli and cat

Different relationships with a cat

As everywhere, the bonds between the animals are of varying intensity. The spectrum ranges from indifference and playful togetherness to cuddling and sleeping together on the couch.

Puli and cat guard together

This is how Puli and Cat dream The acclimatisation

If you do not have the additional advantage of a Züchters with cats, then you will definitely get a very well marked puppy from the Züchtern of the German Puli Club. Well imprinted means that the Puppy is shown many different things and situations at an early age. This is how he calmly deals with new challenges. So when such a socially acceptable and for life prepared dog meets a cat, then the conditions are already good. Of course it also depends on the character of the cat how a meeting continues.

On the other hand, you know your Stubentieger very well to know whether he needs time or is going to attack. In any case, keep calm. Signal to your new roommate that cats are loving and friendly animals. With this you take the stress out of the situation.

On the other hand, the puppy may also be shown the limits, if he is too much on the fur of the cat when he is young.

In any case it is a great enrichment that the Puli likes to include cats in his herd.

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Harmonious Puli Edgar and colleague Katze

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