Does Puli bark a lot?

Often you can hear the saying that the Puli barks, because the breed is supposed to be typical for the breed. So you can't do anything. Because it seems to be rooted in the breed, when Puli bark a lot.

In fact, the Puli is a Hungarian herding dog, which drives herds of cattle and also sheep barking and pinching. It is therefore his task to perform his duties loudly.

However, it does not mean that he is allowed to bark at every opportunity. Rather, the docility and intelligence of Puli can be put to good use at this point. He understands very quickly when it is okay for him to bark and when it is not wanted. To do this, you should consider in which situations you allow the Puli to express itself and when you would perhaps prefer to provide peace of mind with a command.

The announcement of a visit at the door is accepted and perhaps even desired. However, if you want to talk, a command is helpful, which ensures peace and quiet. The Puli understands this rule very quickly. On the other hand, it may be perfectly okay for the Puli to bark when playing with another dog. He must also be allowed to speak out.

So it is the situation and the dog training that determines whether a Puli barks or not. It's up to you.

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