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How healthy is the Puli breed, what influences health - Puli.de

How healthy is the Puli breed?

Anyone who has ever had a sick dog knows that the health of the breed is a key issue. Because if the breed is healthy in itself and has only a few diseases, the chances are very good that you will get a vital puppyfrom a trustworthy span class="term" data-original-term="WsO8Y2h0ZXI=">breeder.

Known diseases in Puli

We are very happy that there are almost no diseases in the breed itself with the dog breed Puli. The Puli does not know main problems, constantly irritated ears or eyes or bone problems.

What we in the German Puli Club pay a lot of attention to is the examination for HD (hip joint dysplasia). The reason is the small population, the small number of breeding animals. It would be very difficult to get rid of the disease by breeding, because there are not enough unpolluted breeding animals in case of doubt. With our approx. 10 Puli females and approx. 15 Puli males, an illness of only 5 animals would already be 20% of the breeding animals.

For exactly this reason, we have decided to observe the occurrence of 2 specific eye diseases in other breeds. This means that every male and every female dog must be examined for these two clinical pictures if a Züchter wants to breed with you.

To ensure that we can continue to keep this robust and rare dog breed healthy, we also make every effort to inform puppy buyers of the necessity of such an examination. Because the earlier we recognize that a certain mating shows abnormalities in a certain disease pattern, the earlier we can react to it.

What else contributes to health?

Of course, the health of both parents is especially important. According to the laws of heredity, mating with a hereditarily predisposed dog would increase the risk of diseased puppies.

In addition, rearing is of particular importance. If the puppy does not get enough mother's milk or is fed with cheap food, this will inevitably have an effect on growth. Every mother or father knows that nutrition is important.

Therefore it is always helpful for the selection of the right puppies if you know the parents.

We have compiled further interesting answers on the topic "Frequently asked questions" for you.

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