How long does the Puli take to dry?

The first question is actually whether the Puli gets really wet so quickly. Because a light rain shower does not manage to penetrate to the skin. The decisive factor is the moisture absorbed, which, depending on the time and the factors described below, has an influence on how long the Puli has to dry. The coat of the pulis does not soak completely so quickly, because the cord are protected by a kind of wool grease. The wool grease impregnates the hair like sheep and lets the wetness roll off the cord.

Drying Pulils
If the Puli drinks only briefly in water, the wool grease will not wet the hair.

Of course the hair structure of the pulis also plays an important role. For example, the cord of the Hungarian shepherd dog are soaked much faster if the hairs are looser. This can be observed very nicely when a Puli equipped with fixed lines (cord) goes into the water and swims. In a Puli equipped with fixed cords, the cord will shed the water due to the wool grease and therefore lie on the water. Pulis that do not have such strong strings, the water penetrates faster to the skin and also moisturizes the entire coat. We have collected more information about the topic hair structure and its care here.

However, once the dreadlocks are really soaked, the Puli needs up to 24 hours to dry. Interestingly, loose coat structures dry much better because more air gets into the coat. A Puli with firm cords may take a whole day until it is completely dry again.

It is advisable to dry the Puli coat with a normal towel or a special extra absorbent (microfibre) dog towel by pressing the cord in the towel. This often brings the best success. Attempts to help with a hairdryer are worthy of all honours, but it takes a good deal of patience to try to dry the Puli in this way. The best thing to do is to do the washing on a sunny and windy day, then the drying process is the fastest.

A practical tip: Drying the Puli is like a "wool sweater" hanging on the line to dry. The wetness sinks to the bottom, so it helps a lot, depending on the length of the coat, to press the ends of the cord again and again with a terry towel to remove the water. This shortens the drying time by several hours.

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