How much is a Puli? What's a good price?

How much is a Puli?

The price for a >g id="gid_0" ctype="x-html-a"> Puli puppy is at the lower limit for a pedigree dog offered by the VDH (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen). How expensive a dog is, one should not make at the price of the purchase. Costs for a sick animal easily exceed the purchase price. And suddenly expensive is relative.

The exact price of a Puli puppy you can ask for at our Züchtern. Are you offered Puli-puppies that are significantly below these prices? Then you should be especially careful. Because for the breeding of a vital, healthy puppy you need a lot of time and money. In addition, there are costs for the Züchter such as puppy milk, good feed, worming pastes, vaccines, visits to the vet and preliminary examinations. Therefore the Puli breed is more of a hobby breed to preserve the breed.

You may reply that they do not need a pedigree. But just the pedigree of a Züchters of the VDH distinguishes this Züchter from other so-called Züchtern, as well as from Züchtern from other countries (also Hungary) quite decidedly.
Because in no other country in the world and in no other association are there such extensive breeding regulations. Among other things, this is specified here: Minimum age for beginning of breeding with male and female, end of breeding with 8 years, max. 1 litter per year for the bitch, tattooing and registration of the puppies, breeding controls, breeding registration of the parents and their examination for hip dysplasia (HD). The latter is not obligatory in Hungary and Holland, for example. Especially the fact that in Germany Puli parents have to be x-rayed for more than 20 years and that a certain HD level must not be exceeded, gives the basis for a Puli with good hips.

Seen in this light, a cheap offer is often not the best. It has often been worthwhile to wait for a puppy from a certain mating. In any case, with a puppy from a healthy breeding, you lay the foundation stone that the dog's joy will not become too expensive in the end.

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