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Is the Puli getting shaved? Can you cut the Puli fur? - Puli.de

Is it possible to cut the coat or do you have to shorten the coat?

Is the Puli getting shaved?

Although the fur of the Puli is really its trademark, the Puli also likes to wear short. After this rather funny introduction we want to have a look at the different reasons for long or shortened fur. There are in our Club, which cut the fur completely or only shorten the fur. The shepherds in Hungary shorn their sheep together with the Puli.

Reasons for long coat

There are good reasons to let the coat grow as described in the standard. As described above, the long cord are part of its distinctive feature. A completely shorn Puli resembles a poodle on the outside. The being is different, but you can't see that immediately. The long cord m

ache the Puli also externally to the Puli. This does not only come to bear on walks, when you cause a stir with your Hungarian grid dog. If you plan to have your Puli judged by a breeding judge at a show, a long coat is important. The special thing about Puli club shows is that they are very familiar. We also ask the judges to comment on the evaluation criteria and explain their decision. That way you learn a lot about your Hungarian.


Reasons for "Cutting the fur

Of course you can also cut off the cord. The Hungarian shepherds shear their Puli together with the sheep about every 2 years. That makes no difference at all. The coat then slowly grows back into strings. Depending on the coat growth of the respective dog, this may take several years until the cord are long again.

The avoidable reason for the Puli not to sweat so much in summer is not tenable. If one imagines that the Hungarian lowlands have temperatures of over 40 degrees in summer, the many layers of air between the cord are more of an insulation and therefore a protection.

Reasons for "Shortening the coat

There are some splocations like agility, where a long hanging is rather obstructive. Here it is recommended to shorten the cord a little. You can also use a hardly visible "trick" and cut the fur on the belly very short. This significantly reduces the amount of sand or leaves that accumulate. Combined with shortened hair on the paws and lower legs, the Puli can be taken along with the horse as a riding companion dog.




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Shorn to the Puli

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