Puli - still doubts or questions?

Puli - still doubts or questions?

After reading through the description of the Puli, you have certainly gained the impression that the Puli is a very special dog.
With the purchase of a Puli-puppy you have the possibility to control its use and to adjust it to your needs. You can use the adaptable Puli in its original form as a herding dog. It can be easily trained for retrieving, and is used very successfully in agility and other sporting events such as running. Especially in North America, it is gaining acceptance in subordination audits.
As you can see there is a lot of dog in such a Puli. So there are many possibilities open to you, in any case the Puli will always be a cheerful, child-loving and affectionate companion.
Also, in our Club we have already made the experience that the Puli is more suitable for allergy sufferers than other dogs because of its coat. Should you have any further questions about the Puli, our our Züchter will be happy to answer them. Call a Züchter of your choice and make an appointment for a visit. He will be pleased to introduce you to the Puli.

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