Which examinations should I have at the vet?

It is true that the Puli is very original and the German Puli Club puts a lot of emphasis on health in breeding. Nevertheless or just because of this, the investigations of the descendants of this shepherd dog breed are important. They confirm not only the health of the puppy itself, but also the health of the parents. Only when as many puppies of a litter as possible have been examined and the results confirm their vitality, then the Züchter knows that the mating was good.

The important investigations for the Puli

A particularly important examination is to examine the hip joints for hip joint dysplasia (HD). Hip joint dysplasia can severely restrict the movement of the Puli. The HD is divided into classes, which go from A to E. Although there are only a few Puli that have a bad result, the veterinarian may have to provide medical assistance. The square body shape and the good musculature is beneficial to the Puli even in old age.

Another examination is the one for eye diseases. Others dog breedn have been diagnosed with certain eye diseases. We from the German Puli Club are very attentive to such news in other dog breed So in year X we started to examine the eyes. There is a special institution that specializes in this area. It is the DOK. Please visit a veterinarian recommended by the DOK for the eye examination. This is the only way we can compare the quality of the findings.

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