stud dog Giuseppe Gaudi "Mikos"

Puli male Duke from the "zotteligen Gefährten"

Stud dog Duke portrait

Evaluation of the breeding judge

Good masculine Puli male, good angulations, good length of neck, good teeth, scissor bite, muzzle a little bit too long, good coat, good movements, sometimes a little bit tight, very temperamental Judge: Ferenc Antal (KSA 2019 Reken) and Korózs-Papp - IRA Erfurt2019)

Character description according to the owner

Mikós is a male dog with a strong character, who is the perfect companion because of his friendly and cheerful character.

He shows his spirited side when walking the dog and when dashing outside. In the house he behaves alertly and at the same time balanced, when he lies relaxed in the biggest hustle and bustle in the middle. Mikós is the perfect family dog, who accompanies us confidently and with charming wit. A cuddly family member who keeps his herd together in a Puli-typical way.


Mother: Krambambulis Betty Bamboo
Father: Edward Mikós Banffy of the "zotteligen Gefährten"
Litter day: 21.07.2018
studbook number: VDH PUK:837/18


Breeding permission for breeding by breeding judge M. Gehring received in October 2020 without conditions.


patella: 0
Hereditary Eye Disease: Free (valid until 08/21)


  • none


Mirjam Lippert

Castle acre 3
55452 Guldental

Impressions from Mikos

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